Milk During School Years

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There are times that I asked myself, is milk still important for my 9 year old? I recognize most of the mommies out there ask the same interrogation. School years start at ages 6 onwards and mostly at this stage, kids tend to experience milk fatigue.

It is when kids don’t like to drink milk due to some causes such as the lactose in cow’s milk can be arduous for them to digest and this can contribute to stomach ache and even looseness of the bowels, this would be a mild variety of milk lactose intolerance. Or they just way too fed up by milk’s taste and the feeling for them is so depressing.

I am lucky enough to have a child that enjoys drinking milk and she has no problem about lactose intolerance. She drinks her milk every morning during breakfast and in the evening before starting to bed. For those mamas whose children are exhibiting some symptoms of milk fatigue, I indicate that you should change your milk flavor to chocolate or strawberry since kids love them. It will likewise assist your child to recover from the stressful same old milk taste that he took in for years.

And if your child is lactose intolerant, switch to non-dairy products like soya milk. This will assure healthy digestive system and he will also be free from allergy that some milk may have.

Remember, milk is really important for growing children. It will aid them on their development and health. All we need is a slight bit of knowledge on how to provide them the best caring as possible.

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Funniest Drawing Ever!

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Children love to draw; it’s their fun time and one of the outlets of their feelings. It also describes their way of creativity and state of mind. Among all of the drawings that my daughter did, this one is the funniest for me and I can’t help but to write something about how I feel about it. Not to embarrass and to make fun of her creations, but to showcase how her abilities has made me so happy and proud of what she had accomplished through the years.

The first time I saw this, I laughed so much that I even fell off my chair, but at the same time, so happy to know that she learned to draw faces since she finds it really hard to draw faces especially how to differentiate a boy’s face from girls. The only funny things for me are the teeth and the facial expressions which I know she unintentionally made so hilariously looking. Certainly this little child of mine knows how to make me grin and laugh. Made me came up with an idea of collecting all her drawings and frame them. What do you guys think?

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Different Types of Glass Reactors

Used in the process like mixing, dissolving, mixing, extraction and stirring, glass reactors are very useful device in chemical industry and other fields. In today’s market, this device can be divided into different types, such as single layer and double layer, and three layer glass reactor as well as glass lined reactor.
Also known as multi-function reactor, single layer glass reactor is used to do heating or cooling reaction and it is display for digital speed as well as entirely sealing system. This reactor can do all kinds of biochemical reactions and synthesis reactions at a constant temperature condition; in addition, singer layer glass reactor can meet constant temperature state, fast temperature due to water or oil bath temperature is digital display.
Double layer glass reactor is reactor with double deck glass design; like the single layer one, the double one also has a lot of usage in chemical industry and lab study. Both single and double layer glass reactor are made from high quality G3.3 borosilicate glass which always prove to be good chemical and physical properties. Another type ¨C three layer glass reactor also has equal function as double layer one; however, as the name suggested, this types has three layers.
Glass lined reactor also known as jacketed glass reactor, is a reactor with different kind of jackets. In today’s market, there are several popular jackets, including; conventional jackets, half-pipe coil jackets, and constant flux cooling jackets, etc. Conventional jacket, also known as single jacket, is consisted of an outer jacket which surrounds the vessel and the temperature in the jacket is regulated to control heating or cooling. As the traditional or standard design for glass lined reactors, single jacket has been around the longest. Another type jacket ¨C half pipe jacket also known as split-coil jacket, is consisted of a welded half pope that wraps around the outside of the vessel to create a circular path for the heat transfer fluid to pass through. This kind of jacket is very suitable for multiple zone arrangements as well as superimposed parallel circuits.
Mention again, double layer glass reactor is made from high quality borosilicate glass; in fact, many types of glass reactor are made from this wonderful material. As a type of glass with silicate and boron trioxide as the main glass forming constituents, borosilicate glass has ability to resistant to thermal shock with very low coefficients of thermal expansion. In addition, borosilicate glass contains at least 5% boric oxide which makes it has ability to resistant to extreme temperatures and chemical corrosion. Borosilicate glass is very poplar for laboratory glassware and other scientific instruments due to it can hand both extreme heat and cold. In fact, borosilicate glass has a wide variety of uses, from cookware to lab equipment; also this glass can be used in implantable medical devices and devices used in space exploration.
In conclusion, as a kind of equipment, glass reactor can be used to realize different kinds of chemical reactions in chemical industry and laboratories.

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Disinfecting Your Child’s Stuffed Toys

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Children love to snuggle and squeeze these little cute stuffed animals and often we forgot to wash and disinfect them. Don’t you know that these are one of the major causes of allergies and sickness to our kids? That is why washing and disinfecting them is a must. Here are the things that I managed with my child’s stuffed toys and I hope I can likewise help all the mamas out there.

First and foremost, if your kid owns a favorite toy and even sleeps with it, better wash it first thing in the morning. Since kids do a lot of things the whole day, you can have all the time to dry the toy before bedtime. Segregate the toys according to sizes; wash the larger ones first since it calls for a bunch of time for you to wash them than the little ones. This applies whether you are on hand washing or machine wash.

Apply a mild scented detergent and disinfectant since children are so sensitive and using harsh chemicals may trigger allergic reactions and we don’t want that, right? And don’t forget to soak for at least 30 minutes to ensure that it is all germfree.

After rinsing, hang them under the sunlight to fully dry the inside stuffing. And make sure they are all dried up before giving them to your child since wet stuffing can create a breeding ground for bacteria and molds, so better check them completely.

This worked for me and been doing this since my kid is just a small baby. I simply desire this also works for you. Thank you and till my next post, moms!

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Smoothie Breakfast

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Only a couple or I thought a few months ago, I’ve been doing my smoothie breakfast. Considerably it is not really my first time on doing this, but I quitted for a while since my blender gave up on me. Yes, unfortunately my 14-year old blender just stopped working and since I still save for a new one, my smoothie breakfast is on suspension. Only instantly that I bought a new blender and I had the opportunity to do it altogether once more.

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I begin each day with a tumbler full of green smoothie. Dump in some lettuce, kale, parsley, cucumbers, green apples and even malunggay leaves for that added nutrients. I too put some bananas to make it sweeter. And that will be in effect on the tummy until lunch! Yes, I didn’t feel hungry at all after having it entirely inside my system since these are full of roughage that will reach me feel full longer.

Thus it helps so much with my weight management. I set out to be healthy and alert for the rest of the day while losing that surplus weight, now that’s an awesome treat and I’m obsessed with it, really obsessed. How about you guys, what’s for your breakfast? I hope it’s all healthy as well.

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Free Schott Zwiesel Glasses


Since I shopped at Rustan’s for my grocery needs, I’ve been loving their customer service. Their staffs are courteous and constantly willing to help me in my needs. Apart from avoiding the crowd, I also chose Rustan’s Supermarket because they provide a full array of imported goods such as whole foods and organic veggies and fruits which I’ve been looking for since I started eating healthy. It is the only supermarket that makes me feel happy and contented on my food shopping.

Just this weekend, I set about gathering up these stickers in exchange for a free Germany made Schott Zwiesel Red Wine Glass, Champagne Flute, Beer Glass and Tumblers. You will get 1 sticker for every 300 pesos of purchase which you will get onto this chart which is numbered from 1 to 70, complete this and you will have the prospect to choose for your free glasses. Promo starts September 15 and ends on December 14. Sounds pretty interesting, right?

That is why I’m starting my sticker sticking job as of this moment! Lol! If any of you who are interested in getting these classes for free, simply visit any Rustan’s Supermarket to start collecting stickers upon purchase. Before I will end this post, I would like to clear up that I was not paid in cash or in kind for posting this article. I wrote this post because I am an avid Rustan’s shopper and this is my small tribute to pay back for their excellent customer service. Happy shopping, mommies!

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Why My blog is on Haitus


My life’s been in a whirlwind for the past two months. My husband went overseas to work and I was left clueless about being alone with a child. He employed to direct me in any decision making and took turns with me in times that fatigue over run my system due to heavy house works and online projects. That is why I’ve resolved to slow down along my online task and on this blog.
But this time, I have already recovered and gain force to write once more. I have plotted my schedules and my routines are now doing fine. I still had the time to read again! This tough momma is one hell of a diva, yeah baby!
So, that’s about it. Anyways, I’m back bitches!

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Hello October!


Last month was full of learning for me. I have adjusted from loneliness and I managed to smile. I even got my schedules almost on track. I just wish that this month, I will be more enthusiastic in doing my chores and being a mom. Hoping for better days ahead. God is indeed so good!

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Hello September!

tumblr_lqsj4wftnq1qbji49o1_500_largeLast month was a great month for me even if hubby just got a job abroad. I have more time alone at the house but it gets even lonelier without him around. I just hope that this month, I will be much more stronger than last month. This is for our family, And I will endure.

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We totally recognize that serving veggies and fruits is good for our kin, particularly young kids. They should learn to appreciate these while they’re young so that it will be a function of their lifestyle as they grow up. Parents bear the biggest influence when it comes to healthy eating and they should be the key role model in achieving healthy and happy youngsters. So the question is, how can we save on our veggie and fruits shopping? I recognize most of us parents have the same question in mind, so lets get done, on y va?

The first thing that you should do, look for a farmer’s market in your place. In that respect you can obtain loads of organic veggies and fruits that is healthier for your kin. Most of the cities nowadays have it, so go find it within your place. And if you don’t have one, grocery stores are always here to stay!

Go shop early, 9 AM to 11 would be great! Or according to your local store’s opening hour. Not only you can avoid the crowd, you can also have the freshest pick of the day. Since veggies are delivered daily, shopping at these times will greatly ensure you of receiving the freshest crops there is.

Storing is also important, fruits and veggies vary when it fares to their storing needs. Pineapples, mangoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, zucchini and other succulent veggies must be held in a room temperature. Pourquoi? They tend to lose their natural juices and dry out quickly in the fridge. Just keep them in a basket and make sure that they’re dry to avoid rotting. Lettuce, spinach, kale and other leafy vegetables should be maintained in a zip lock plastic bag, they wilt instantly under cold air and needs additional protection from dehydration so better hold your plastic bags ready.

Lastly, create a shopping list each week so you will never have to store too much or too little. Plan a weekly meal and take in your veggies within that period time so that you can go shop again for a fresh bunch. All it takes is planning, proper storing and you will surely save on your veggie and fruit shopping. It’s nice to know that your family is getting the best while you save. Until next time, moms! Au revoir!

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